heres our cat jiji, we got him from a friend when he was about 1yo, hes named after jiji from kikis delivery service, my friends almost identical cat is named kiki from kikis delivery service so we're pretty original..



heres our other cat miso, hes younger than jiji by like a year, hes named after my cat in stardew valley and the seasoning paste and salmon in sm'algyax, a food named cat < 3



heres me taking a picture of my elbow for a friend of mine.... i am so blurry cuz im walking around lmao


ram About Me Jay umbrella

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Jay, Siip'ntidas txanii ha'lidzox, Dzay, Jayjay




he/it/none, ‘yoota/gyad


tsimshian, gganhada, trans, bi, autistic


, i like to watch youtube more than my eyes like to look at a screen, i also like to make art, love to cook, love to eat, love to browse the niche internet theres so much cool shit on here, i dont like to code as much as i like to look at my webpages xD,, hang out on discord with my friends a lot, love when it rains, listen to vocaloids and 2010s anime music, i weave sometimes but i dont finish projects very often but i have more recently, + i did make some dope pride earrings that i love lol

other lol

i got 3 siblings and 2 kitties, love to add -sies to the end of a word to make it cutesies, finally going back to school for a single sm'algyax class per semester bc i got bad autistic burn out the same time i came out senior year so i dropped, been chilling since then, i can speak english, some mandarin, some japanese, and some sm'algyax, me and some friends made up some characters in a fit og milk inspired inspiration at 1 am and they have become my entire art world, thats what milky love planet is babey, I think I'm going to work!! as a job! for my Sm'algyax teacher!!! I'll help her with some technical things in class and make worksheets and songs to use for classes.. I'm so excited I hope it works out. I'm in the process of applying/doing a couple of trial things right now and it is wacky how much fun it is for a job. Iget to use all the graphics collections and photo/gif editing sites i amassed in my bookmarks bar for this website and do a similar thing that I do on here but for teaching a language class and not in HTML aaaaaaaaaa :DDDDDDDDD

anyway ty for looking at my things if you are reading this, i like the idea of people knowing that i make something B], um soz the website is like empty, coding hurts my brain lmao, anyway love neocities its a damn good time, keep hanging out here how do i add an image

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