Construction Log

Unknown day roughly mid 2021

whats up gamers its me im jay its 259 am wednesday morning i feel slightly nauseous . no im just anxious anyway i am here going to type now.

A few days later than that

okay gamers its a few days later now and i will share the emails i have written, as characters to others


,,,, hm actually I didn't do that and i am not sure the format I want to use to do so. As this is the case I will refrain from making myself share until I am ready.
Today I have added this page you are currently on, and the field page, along with adding links to other pages and centering some images on the home page
god this is really a good time now, much less frustrating for some reason
Oh I'm also not sure which background I want to use here,, but actually I might have lost the other one when I switched computers so maybe its no longer an issue ><
okayy its late so i think im gonna log off for tonight :pensive:

Ideas I Had _____________________
  • The story will be split into different pages depending on where the scene is
  • Image links to the new areas
  • Images in the middle of the story of things in the scene
  • Maybe captions for those? (but I don't like having to decide whether to read the story or the captions first so maybe not)
  • Perhaps (ambitious) an interactive classroom or other scene?


Today my plan is to write/ramble out some more story, getting Akari out of the field, and perhaps add some pictures to that page
do ppl have phones/does the milk gang have theirs?
Made Akari's bag small version Bag>and I love it sm it makes me wanna make it irl or something >< and added .html page for it. I want the image on the page to be clickable and have the contents of her bag in it too


I am writing list of images/pages I want to make for the story areas and settings

•bag close up
•contents of bag
•front of school
•principal's office?


Added star dividers on index.html
Wrote tiny bit of story
The next thing I want to work on adding is the backgrounds for the story pages and other art of characters and its stalling me xD
I also want to make icons for navigating to pages so tht is smth else I might work on next

•Navigation icons/buttons
-front room
-field/start of story
-construction log
•character pages
•location pages (info)


Yo what up its been a long time I now have acrylics so its harder to type but i just realized i can use touch screen duhhhhh yay I also hadnt had many new ides i felt like trying to code + taking a break means im all rusty anyway (@-@)
I actually sat down to draw and got computer to look up references but here we r ..


chrono added to field section,, i wanna make more pages but i dont want to actually make them :/


about me page get >B) now to link and fil and decorate it . . .


i filled it.. finally
ive been doing some other stuff here and there but no other big updates, mostly irl drawing and hanging out

added petkitty page per req of carl from discord, click ont the left teapot next to promethe to get there


redoing the front page so its less wip-y, there is a link to resends room on the right(smya'wn) teapot


added the field bgf image as link and image in field page


idk why i updated this so little for all of september lmaoo,
added resend room need to put text in there still but its the page with my water graphics and (some of) my blue blinkies/stamps
im excited to add other pages in different colors where i can put my other ones :yashiroexcited:
also reformatted some the field bg page just cleaner lol

•turn pet kitty into park or add park
•more fieldbgesque picies
•front room click aroundable p76b5


formatted the about me page a little cooler and added about miso and jiji and a picture of me
i reread the writing in field and its not as um unreadable as i thought it was which is cool, makes me wanna write some more lol anyway
i also have been collecting more graphicsclutterqueen, specifically some i want to make into a tea party page with appledust's very pretty art

•tea party room
•scan more pages so i can put things in the character archive
•link music?


adding dark part page, need better name
wanna add link through to a cat page from pet kitty and move pictures of miso and jiji from the about me page

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