Field Bench Field


the camera pans down onto a lovely feild full of clovers and some sort of strange colored substance. passing over the rising sun, beaming brilliantly past the monochromatic clouds, there comes to be a bench made known to us. the ancient sallow bars creak as akari stretches herself out, readjusting the complex decorated bag under her head. having woken to the emergant light of the morning, multicolored eyes squint and stumble open in confusion. wait what the frick why is it so cold wheres my fuckin blankies? the roly poly girl pushes herself to sitting, clearing her head of smoke and her eyes of gunk. She scrutinizes her surroundings, noting the railed pathway uptoen and the watery bench seat underneath her soaking uniform.

fucking goddamit its freezing why am i halfway to school now in this weath- Bag MY BAg my fucking papers i hate it here ,, what day even is it?

stout and embellished fingers rifle through her bag, checking that its contents are not ruined entire. akari glances up at the group of birds overhead, back down to her bag, and quickly back up because the birds are pixelated wt f? the creatures animate every couple of seconds, varying in color and detail from sprite to sprite.

akari looks at the birds, sighs and finalizes her bag, to get up and stretch without it and everything inside falling apart. she had been making a point to stretch each morning because sometimes her bones and muscles hurt and its supposed to help. idk if it has been, extremely, but i havent noticed like my muscles hurting in the same way since but also it sometimes just doesnt happen for a little bit. in any case changing a routine when the entire whole world around her was a different one didnt seem like it would be a fun time. as the lad settles back into the bench she thinks about where she is. just totally fuckin baffled. how uhhh this is probably some sort of like hallucination or dream or maybe i fell asleep somewhere and this is a prank or idk but i mean theres not much to do about that so uhh i mean thats a little scary yk i have no idea where i am so.. oh boy damn yeah this is a little scary ahaha um am i how am i gonna do i need to eat probably? unless its like a dream or a game? ig im a little hungry so maybe i have a full humanbody and its the same? are there people here? someone made this bench, , , ,



um . . . fuck . . uh , so , uh , god im gonna throw up

sounds of footsteps and rambling conversation tiptoe into Akari's ears from down the path,



oh shit right this is a walkway.. where are they going who is here? at least now im sure im not like the only one here so thats pretty good i guess yk >< alrighty lets see if these gaymers can help me out at all yes indeed. gathering milks things and arranging ribbons, Akari stands bounces away from the bench to the voices coming closer.

"it is me Lam i am talking in a manner to close friends and mentioning something new""i am shouhei and not as closse friends but what is that thing you said?" shouhei? what are they doing here?? so i guess,, well ill talk to glass soon. Bouncing on her toes, Akari

they meet intro lam and the two others are there but are a while behind so akari doesnt meet them quitttteeeeee yet and milk finds out shouhei is there and glass is reserved like normal but seems a little more comfortable and asks akari where milk has been and they explain that they just woke up on this bench Lam says oh thats what happened to shouhei too well not on that bench but -somewhere else- and he found glass and now theyre friends :catsmirk: shouhei says yeah we go to school together oh shit we should keep walking i wanna get to class before the first part of the discussion starts and lam says yeah lets walk shouhei says akari wait so do you remember anything from before you woke up its really been puzzling the class where i came from? akari doesnt remember but milk says milk does remember like her life in general on -earth?other place either way- but not exactly what was happening before they arrived here shouhei goes damn i was hoping maybe u remeber more cuz its so close to when you got here,, are youre clothes wet? akari says no i mean my but is and my bag is cuz they were on the bench when i woke up and it was wet and lam goes so u had to have appeared early this morning not last night cuz it was pouring last night but not this morning, shouhei says ha i guess the bench wasnt nice to wake up to x3 lam say lmaoo yeah even though it rained all the way last night that bench was still like sopping right?? xD

Oh does it like stay wet or smth? Yeah its um fuckin magic or it has that weird property someone probably made it for fun like to see if they could or maybe it had a reason whos to say lol itsbeen here as long as i can remember thiugh someone else might know

dont look this section will be moved to other spots but i havent made the pages :p
chrono start at rl school days routes for the other 5 in planet world akari in field shouhei finds lam is there too some school time hanging out *teacher has assignment for the class* *organization nothing icky like gorey or stuff ew just something not wanted extreme ie is paralell for irl, still has elements of fun from being in this world, gangs mission is to stop it, its also just the 3 taking advantage of irl church parallel so now theyre rich now and stuff that they want bc of where they were raised people under them might be from the same place or coerced into joining* anyway they are in school and eventually they go to a competition and nakano is good at it and maybe there and daisuke is watching and maybe there and leads them to masahiko who he found near the beginning comparatively and they meet the penguins in the lake and we maybe find out kichiros store s nearbyish or maybe they are out on another trip and find him eventually and kichiro assumed he was sleeping or daydreaming or just thought it was much much cooler from first world so didnt mind the sudden change i mean definitely freaked out and is worried it would spoil the new world if he said anything what hapens after that idk yet masahiko cant accept help kichirou cant express concern or worry etc shouhei feels other daisuke nakano pressure akari SHIT I DIDnt save like two paragraphs UGHGHGHHHHHHHHH akari thinking about birds and how they can fly but we cant so we think in different ways masahiko thinking about glasses as a spaceship that carries big buckets of water and looks old and stuff but its a very fancy contraption so it must be just a veneer oof run down ness by rich ppl to seem cool or in line with what it is trendy or whatever rip

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