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boo you couldnt find the webpage but instead you found a scret nanowrimo mini attempt perhaps shut up its embarrassing but oh well here we go fast and bad

akari has awoken on a bench much different to what one might be used to. it is plush and brightly colored and covered in pools of water. milks bag is dangerously lose to the puddle and akari yanks it close to milks chest. the bag is the same pinkish brown as the floor after someone cuts off old no longer brightly dyed hair. But this partcular bag would better be described as if the hair cut had taken place before the oner of the hair had changed out of decora. adorned with dozens of shapes and memories the color becomes more like lisa franks personal heaven than anything resembling a brown. the satchel bag, in fact, contains twelve stories in the form of several pins and trinkets. the first of such items is a bright satin pink headband handmade in careful detail. the second is a pair of faintly pearlescent cotton candy feathered wings. the third item is a matte baby yellow star, and the fourth a deep gold reflective embellishment of the same shape. the fifth, a pair of two purple orchids, one small and one tiny. the sixth is a pin with the shape of an interlocking faded cyan triangle and red circle, with yellow backgrounds. the seventh item on the bag is a alright other than that im also going write down toughts and questions and stuff for funsises write the story about the bench